FONDA leddles®

The wearable magnifying light.

leddles® , self-illuminating magnifying prism glasses perfect for reading and writing.

With the integrated LED on the front, FONDA leddles generates a uniform field of light that meets the needs of anyone with low vision of fragile vision, maximizing your visual performance and reducing fatigue during daily activities such as reading, writing, or manual tasks.

Effects and benefits

It protects the eyes against UV rays

It reduces dazzle

It improves contrast sensivity

Suitable for

Residual visus: Da 1/20 a 7/10
Vision: Binocular and monocular


Prevention and safety

Your custom leddles

leddles® is available in a standard version with pre-mounted prism lenses (from +3.00 to +10.00) or a custom version with bespoke lenses or systems and possible cylindrical correction to meet the needs of every visually impaired person or anyone with fragile vision.

FONDA leddles is useful to people affected by the following eye diseases

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