FONDA safe&sun®

Safe&sun glasses protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation and blue wavelengths in the visible spectrum of sunlight.

UV-UVB radiation and blue light are effectively filtered by sunglasses with safe&sun medical filters which, when worn regularly, guarantee a safe lifestyle, effective protection, and improved visual comfort.

Effects and Benefits

It protects the eyes
from UV rays

the dazzling

Improves contrast sensivity

Suitable for

Visus redisudo: da 1/20 a 7/10
Visione: binoculare e monoculare


Prevention and safety

Your custom safe&sun

Safe&sun is available in a standard version with neutral FONDA bb photoselective filters or a custom version with FONDA bb photoselective prescription lenses.

FONDA safe&sun is useful to people affected by the following eye diseases

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