High retinal protection glasses cover.

F-Cover is a photoselective cover for glasses to protect your retinas.

For people with retinal disease, light can cause glare and become a source of severe visual discomfort.

F-Cover consists of an eyeglasses cover with photoselective medical filters and side protection designed to provide relief to people with photophobia and eye discomfort caused by exposure to light.

The special colours of the filters also improve the perception of colours and contrasts, making even simple walking safer.

Effects and benefits

It protects the eyes against UV rays

It reduces dazzle

It improves contrast sensivity

Indicato per

Residual visus: From 1/20 to 7/10
Vision: Binocular and monocular


Prevention and safety

Your custom F-Cover

F-Cover can be made with FONDA bb photoselective filters from 450 to 540 nanometres, including polarization. The choice of colour and type of bb filter is subjective and depends on your perceived comfort when trying on F-Cover.

F-Cover is useful to people affected by the following eye diseases

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