FONDA near is a line of magnifying prism eyewear designed to meet the need for medium to high magnification.

People with eye disease or fragile vision require higher magnification than what is applied to normal reading glasses.

The prism lenses in FONDA near also facilitate ocular convergence at medium to high magnifications, making reading and close-up activities easier.

Effects and benefits

It magnifies words and details

It reduces eye fatigue

It allows binocular reading

Suitable for

Residual visus: From 1/10 to 4/10
Vision: Binocular and monocular


Prevention and safety

Your custom FONDA near

FONDA near is available in a standard version with pre-mounted prism lenses or a custom version with custom lenses or systems and possible cylindrical correction to meet the needs of every visually impaired person or anyone with fragile vision.

FONDA near is useful to people affected by the following eye diseases

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