Optical system for macular protection.

FiTmaculais an optical system designed to protect the macula in all light conditions.

Your eyes and vision are very delicate. Harmful radiation can damage the macula even when the sky is cloudy.

It is essential to take care of your eyes at all times, in all lighting conditions.

FiTmacula provides two clips: FM clip #1 for rainy days and FM clip#2 for sunny days.

Effects and benefits

It magnifies the retinal image

It stabilizes the eccentric fixation

It enhances contrast sensivity

It brings postural benefit

It optimizes the parafoveal vision

It protects the eyes under all weather conditions

Suitable for

Redisual visus: From 1/20 to 7/10
Vision: Binocular and monocular


Cinema, theaters, museums – Social life – Outdoor life – A home – At drive*

*condition to be assessed subjectively on the basis of current regulations

Your custom FiTmacula

FiTmacula is available in two different models and three different frame colours. The tint of the lenses in the two clips can be customized depending on light and contrast needs, which are different for each person.

FiTmacula system composition.

FiTmacula provides two protective clips: FM clip #1 for rainy days and FM clip#2 for sunny days.


FiTmacula is useful to people affected by the following eye diseases

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