FONDA®’s logogenesis. The shield in defence of fragile vision

The Symbol is a dynamic eye that rotates three times forming a central shield
defending fragile vision.
The iris stands out in the centre of the shield, visual fulcrum in which the gaze and and attention focus.
The 360-degree movement expresses global knowledge, evolutionary research, continuous and open towards new ideas and technologies.
The eye is drawn with the construction of the sacred almond, a common space between two equal circles intersected in such a way that the centre of one is on the circumference of the other.
The sacred almond represents the union between matter and spirit, between the male and female universes.
The central pupil expands from the centre outwards with the principle of concentric circles and generates an illuminated sphere.
The vertical median division evokes the yin yang symbol, philosophy of life that places opposites in harmonic balance.
The symbol expresses the transition from darkness to light, from visual problem to solution and gives new strength
and rational hope to fragile vision opening with the delicacy of a flower.
The third eye, connected to the pineal gland represents knowledge, the dream, enlightened vision.
We thus wish to align curative and pragmatic needs to a noble purpose that leads to well-being and joy.

Sergio Bianco #logogenesi

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