FONDA micro

Microscopic glasses with focal stabilizer

FONDA micro meets the needs of every person with fragile vision or low vision that require specific magnifications.

FONDA micro is a microscopic glasses with focal stabilizer and up to 20.0x magnifications.

FONDA micro is suitable for monocular vision and it is applied to a special FONDA frame.

Effects and Benefits

It magnifies words and details

It helps eye focus

It allows to read up to 20 magnifications

Suitable for

Residual visus: From 1/20 to 2/10
Vision: Monocular


Reading and writing


Your custom FONDA micro

FONDA micro is available with magnificatios from 8.0x to 20.0x depending on the needs.

FONDA micro is useful to people affected by the following eye diseases:

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