Telescopic systems®

Galilean and kepleran telescopic systems.

The telescopic systems by FONDA ensure to people affected by eye diseases a better vision in all the static far vision activities.

The telescopic systems by FONDA can be used for activities in which the static far vision is involved and a high magnification is required, such as going to the theatre or at the cinema and watching the television.

FONDA Galilean system

FONDA keplerian system

Your custom telescopic systems by FONDA

The Keplerian and Galilean telescopic systems by FONDA can be based on your magnification needs.

FONDA Galilean system supports from 1.80x to 2.50x magnifications with additional lenses from +1.00 to +10.00 pdt.

FONDA Keplerian system can be realized with 2.75x to 8.00x magnifications.

FONDA telescopic systems are useful to people affected by the following eye diseases

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