Prevention of eye diseases

Solutions for preventing eye disease

Excessive exposure to UV-UVB radiation increases your risk of developing eye disease, which may even result in severe impairment of visual acuity.

FONDA optical technologies for the prevention of visual disorders contain special filters and photoselective lenses which block radiation harmful to the retina, protecting the visual system in all lighting conditions.

The specific colours also increase chromatic contrast and reduce glare, ensuring greater comfort even for people with fragile eyesight and light sensitivity (photophobia).

Optical technologies by FONDA for eye diseases prevention are equipped with photoselective lenses and filters, that lock all the radiations responsible for retinal damage and protect the visual system under all light conditions. 

The specific colors also increase the visual contrast and reduce the glare, ensuring a better comfort to people with frail vision or low vision who are affected by hyper sensivity to light (photophobia).